We work for Ukraine

About us

Charitable organization "International European Charity Foundation"
"Save your life""

Our goal is to help Ukrainians and Ukraine Every life metters. We work for everyone. We work for Ukraine.

What do
we do

  • Find humanitarian aid in Western Europe
  • Find and rent trucks to transport humanitarian aid on the territory of Ukraine
  • Raise money for medical equipment for Ukrainians

Who do
we help

  • Medical institutions of Ukraine
  • Military and territorial defense
  • Ukrainians who need help
  • Ukraine
We are proud of

Ambulances for Ukrainians

Every week Foundation “Save a Life” sends humanitarian supplies with medical equipment to Ukraine. Ambulances and necessary medical equipment will help save the lives of thousands of Ukrainians who are currently in harsh and dangerous wartime conditions.
Latest news

We are constantly working to save the life of every Ukrainian